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Common Craft

The power of common craft is possessed by every class and char ingame. The level of common craft is depending on your char level. The exact list of when you are able to skill it you can find here. Common craft is used for fishing, potions and accessories like hats, masks and other items primarily. For starting a common craft just enter your skill window (alt+k) and click on your common craft active skill. with double clicking on a common rec you are able to add it to your common recipe book. after that you will find it on your list. common recipes are purchasable from clanhall NPCs and you can obtain them by fishing. There are of course other ways to archieve some. Same as in dwarfen craft you are able to set a craft shop for other people to earn money for example. for this simply go to your action window(alt+c) and select to create a common craft shop. select a price and wait till you are rich :-) you can find common recipes in the list below

Dwarfen Craft

Dwarfen craft is the real craft ingame. Possessed only by dwarfs it is neccessary to equip you or to quicken and boost your char growth. The best example for this are soulshots. Bounty hunter are only able to craft lvl 1 recipes. Warsmiths (crafter) are able to create all recipes depending on their char- and craft level. In addtion to the create item skill there is also the crystallisation important to earn crystals for the craft. Also this skill is only for the crafter class (bounty hunter[spoiler] learns only level 1 again). To register a recipe in your recipe book you simply have to double click on the recipe again. But be careful, you have a limit of 50 slots in your book by default. Deleting a recipe is possible but not a good solution because instead of registering it you better should have sold it. On the other hand you are able to expand your recipe book at the fishermans in every town. for more details about that have a look into our fishing guide.When you have actually registered at least one recipe then you are able to craft. For that go to your skills(alt+k) and click on your active skill "create item". you will see the required ingredients for the needed craft when you double click the recipe in your book. same as in common craft you can set a craft shop(alt+c) for other people and in return you are earning adena for it. your materials wont be used at all, you only offer the recipe knowledge from your book and your mana. its recommended to use a robe if you are sitting on the market and craft only. you will have more basic mana and a higher regen. Also some server offer a offline shop system so you can leave your shop ingame even if your PC has been shut down. There are different type of recipes for your craft, we differentiate between full item craft (jewelery/armor/weapon) and material craft. the materials are used for the full item craft. you only need basic materials to get higher basic materials. for full items its different. you will need a second recipe which is not in your book(only for a craft lvl higher then 5), keymaterials(pattern, linings, blades etc..), crystals and gemstones (only from craft level higher then 1) and many many basic materials. there are different types of recipes with 100%, 70%, 60% and 10% success chance. if you are successfull with your craft you have the chance to achieve a masterpiece item (called foundation) by a certain chance or to get 2 items but most likely you dont even get one hrhr so good luck in your crafts and be nice to the dwarven, they might be nice to you as well then. :-)

some keywords

Compressed package recipes - puts the shots into a bag and so lowers the weight

Crystals - archievable by the crystallisation of full items of the certain grade. archievable by crystallisation from warsmith or a failed overenchanting :-)

Gemstones - needed for full items only and purchasable in any grocery store (except for S, you can get them at the merchant of mammon)

Key materials - a certain item for a certain recipe dropped by a certain mob. you will need it :-)

Materials - droppable and spoilable by mobs, needed for nearly all of the recipes

Recipes - dropped by mobs they are the key to start a craft

Shot recipes - used to create soul- and spirit shots

Spirit- /Soul Ore - needed for shots and purchasable in any grocery store

Lineage Recipelist

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